Belzenlok, Signore dei Demoni
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Belzenlok, Signore dei Demoni
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Creatura Leggendaria — Antico Demone
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Volare, travolgere
Quando Belzenlok, Signore dei Demoni entra nel campo di battaglia, esilia carte dalla cima del tuo grimorio finché non esili una carta non terra, poi aggiungi quella carta alla tua mano. Se il costo di mana convertito della carta è pari o superiore a 4, ripeti questo procedimento. Belzenlok, Signore dei Demoni ti infligge 1 danno per ogni carta aggiunta alla tua mano in questo modo.
6 / 6
Mythic Rare
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4/27/2018 Once the triggered ability resolves, the ability will continue until you either exile a nonland card with converted mana cost 3 or less or fail to exile any nonland cards while performing the process. You can’t choose to stop receiving the blessings of Demonlord Belzenlok any sooner.
4/27/2018 Land cards exiled this way remain exiled.
4/27/2018 Demonlord Belzenlok’s ability causes it to deal an amount of damage to you all at once; it doesn’t deal 1 damage multiple times.
4/27/2018 If the mana cost of the nonland card includes Variable Colorless, X is considered to be 0.
4/27/2018 If the nonland card doesn’t have a mana cost, its converted mana cost is 0.
4/27/2018 The converted mana cost of a split card, such as a card with aftermath from the Amonkhet block, is equal to the combined mana cost of its two halves.