Заведующая Задержаниями
Заведующая Задержаниями
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Заведующая Задержаниями
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Существо — Ведалкен Чародей
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Когда Заведующая Задержаниями выходит на поле битвы, изгоните целевой не являющийся землей перманент под контролем оппонента и все другие не являющиеся землями перманенты с тем же именем, что у того перманента, под контролем того игрока до тех пор, пока Заведующая Задержаниями не покинет поле битвы.
1 / 3
Card Number:
1/25/2019 This ability has only one target. The other permanents with that name aren’t targeted. For example, a permanent with hexproof will be exiled if it has the same name as the target nonland permanent.
1/25/2019 If the target nonland permanent is an illegal target by the time this ability tries to resolve, the ability doesn’t resolve. Nothing is exiled.
1/25/2019 If Deputy of Detention leaves the battlefield before its triggered ability resolves, nothing is exiled.
1/25/2019 Auras attached to the exiled permanents will be put into their owners’ graveyards. Any Equipment will become unattached and remain on the battlefield. Any counters on the exiled permanents will cease to exist.
1/25/2019 If a token is exiled this way, it will cease to exist and won’t return to the battlefield.
1/25/2019 The name of a creature token is the same as the creature types specified as it was created, unless the token is a copy of another creature or the effect that created the token specifically gives it a different name.
1/25/2019 A face-down creature has no name, so it can’t share a name with anything. This includes other creatures with no name.

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