Livrer au mal
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Livrer au mal
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Choisissez jusqu'à quatre cartes ciblées dans votre cimetière. Si vous contrôlez un planeswalker Bolas, renvoyez ces cartes dans votre main. Sinon, un adversaire en choisit deux. Laissez les cartes choisies dans votre cimetière et mettez le reste dans votre main.
Exilez Livrer au mal.
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5/3/2019 Whether you control a Bolas planeswalker is checked only as this spell resolves.
5/3/2019 If some of the targets chosen are no longer legal targets as Deliver Unto Evil resolves, an opponent chooses among the targets that remain legal. If no targets remain legal, the spell doesn’t resolve. It’s put into its owner’s graveyard and isn’t exiled.
5/3/2019 You may cast Deliver Unto Evil with fewer than four targets. However, if you don’t control a Bolas planeswalker as Deliver Unto Evil resolves, your opponent will choose two of however many cards you did target (or one or zero, if you chose fewer than two) and the remainder (if any) will be put into your hand.
5/3/2019 You may cast Deliver Unto Evil with no targets if you wish. It will be exiled, and nothing else happens.
5/3/2019 You choose one opponent to make the final choice of which cards remains in your graveyard, but all players may discuss and advise this choice.