Визирь Скорпиона
Визирь Скорпиона
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Визирь Скорпиона
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Существо — Зомби Чародей
Card Text:
Когда Визирь Скорпиона выходит на поле битвы, используйте Скопище 1. <i>(Положите один жетон +1/+1 на Армию под вашим контролем. Если под вашим контролем нет Армии, то сначала создайте одну фишку существа 0/0 черная Армия Зомби.)</i>
У фишек Зомби под вашим контролем есть Смертельное касание.
Flavor Text:
Его благословение — это проклятье.
1 / 1
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5/3/2019 Army is a new creature type. It’s possible to control a nontoken Army (perhaps a creature with the changeling ability) and, through combinations of other cards, it’s possible to control multiple Army tokens. When instructed to amass, you may put +1/+1 counters on any of your Army creatures, and you may choose a different one each time.
5/3/2019 If you don’t control an Army, the Zombie Army token that you create enters the battlefield as a 0/0 creature. Any abilities that trigger when a creature with a certain power enters the battlefield, such as that of Mentor of the Meek, will see the token enter as a 0/0 creature before it gets +1/+1 counters.
5/3/2019 Some cards that cause you to amass also provide bonuses to “Zombie tokens.” These affect any token that happens to be a Zombie, not just a Zombie Army you’ve amassed.