Tezzeret, Mestre da Ponte
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Tezzeret, Mestre da Ponte
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Planeswalker Lendário — Tezzeret
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As mágicas de criatura e de planeswalker que você conjura têm afinidade com artefatos.
+2: Tezzeret, Mestre da Ponte, causa X pontos de dano a cada oponente, sendo X o número de artefatos que você controla. Você ganha X pontos de vida.
−3: Devolva o card de artefato alvo de seu cemitério para sua mão.
−8: Exile os dez cards do topo de seu grimório. Coloque todos os cards de artefato dentre eles no campo de batalha.
Mythic Rare
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5/3/2019 Affinity for artifacts means “This spell costs 1 less for each artifact you control.”
5/3/2019 Tezzeret himself doesn’t have affinity for artifacts.
5/3/2019 Affinity doesn’t change the spell’s converted mana cost. It changes only how much mana you pay to cast the spell.
5/3/2019 Affinity can reduce only generic mana in a spell’s cost. It can’t reduce color requirements.
5/3/2019 The cost reduction is set before you pay any of the spell’s costs. Specifically, you could lock in a discount for an artifact you control and then sacrifice that artifact to activate a mana ability.
5/3/2019 If there are any additional costs or cost increases that would apply to a spell with affinity, apply those before applying any cost reductions.
5/3/2019 If a spell has multiple instances of affinity, each applies.
5/3/2019 In a Two-Headed Giant game, Tezzeret’s first loyalty ability causes the opposing team to lose twice X life and you gain X life.