Manteau des marées
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Manteau des marées
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Artefact : - équipement
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La créature équipée gagne +1/+2.
À chaque fois que vous piochez votre deuxième carte à chaque tour, attachez le Manteau des marées à une créature ciblée que vous contrôlez.
Équipement 3 <i>(3 : Attachez à la créature ciblée que vous contrôlez. N'attachez l'équipement que lorsque vous pourriez lancer un rituel.)</i>
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10/4/2019 The triggered ability of Mantle of Tides can target the creature it’s already attached to.
10/4/2019 If the target creature is an illegal target by the time Mantle of Tides’s triggered ability tries to resolve, the ability won’t resolve. Mantle of Tides remains attached to what it was attached to or remains unattached if it wasn’t attached.
10/4/2019 The triggered ability can trigger only once each turn. It doesn’t matter whether the permanent with that ability was on the battlefield when the first card was drawn. If it’s not on the battlefield when the second card is drawn, the ability can’t trigger at all that turn. It won’t trigger when the third or fourth card is drawn.
10/4/2019 If an effect instructs you to draw multiple cards, the ability triggers after you draw whichever is the second one for the turn. You choose a target (if any) for the ability after you’ve drawn and looked at all of the cards and finished resolving the spell or ability that caused you to draw them.
10/4/2019 If a spell or ability causes you to put cards into your hand without specifically using the word “draw,” it’s not a card drawn.