Lo Specchio Magico
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Lo Specchio Magico
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Artefatto Leggendario
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Questa magia costa 1 in meno per essere lanciata per ogni carta istantaneo e stregoneria nel tuo cimitero.
Non hai un limite massimo di carte nella tua mano.
All'inizio del tuo mantenimento, metti un segnalino conoscenza su Lo Specchio Magico, poi pesca una carta per ogni segnalino conoscenza su Lo Specchio Magico.
Mythic Rare
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10/4/2019 Adventurer cards aren’t instant or sorcery cards while they’re in your graveyard.
10/4/2019 If a split card is both an instant card and a sorcery card, it’s only counted once for The Magic Mirror’s cost reduction ability.
10/4/2019 If The Magic Mirror leaves the battlefield while its last ability is on the stack, the ability will use the number of knowledge counters The Magic Mirror had before leaving the battlefield to determine how many cards you’ll draw.
10/4/2019 To determine the total cost of a spell, start with the mana cost or alternative cost you’re paying, add any cost increases, then apply any cost reductions. The converted mana cost of the spell remains unchanged, no matter what the total cost to cast it was.
10/4/2019 The cost reduction ability reduces only the generic mana in the relic’s cost. The colored mana must still be paid.
10/4/2019 Once you announce that you’re casting a spell, no player may take actions until the spell has been paid for. Notably, opponents can’t try to change by how much a relic’s cost is reduced.