Abbattere il Fagiano
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Abbattere il Fagiano
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Abbattere il Fagiano infligge 5 danni a una creatura bersaglio con volare. Crea una pedina Cibo. <i>(È un artefatto con "2, Tap, Sacrifica questo artefatto: Guadagni 3 punti vita".)</i>
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"Una vista acuta e una mano ferma sono essenziali per sconfiggere la maggior parte dei nemici, inclusa la fame."
—Syr Grenphire, cavaliera di Garenponte
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10/4/2019 Some spells that instruct you to create a Food token have targets. You can’t cast these spells without choosing all required targets, and if all of those targets become illegal targets, the spell won’t resolve and you won’t create any Food. If some but not all of those targets become illegal, you’ll do as much as possible, including creating Food.
10/4/2019 Food is an artifact type. Even though it appears on some creatures (such as Gingerbrute), it’s never a creature type.
10/4/2019 You can’t sacrifice a Food token to pay multiple costs. For example, you can’t sacrifice a Food token to activate its own ability and also to activate the ability of Tempting Witch.
10/4/2019 Whatever you do, don’t eat the delicious cards.