Гномьи Копи
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Гномьи Копи
Земля — Гора
Card Text:
<i>(Tap: добавьте Red.)</i>
Гномьи Копи выходят на поле битвы повернутыми, если под вашим контролем менее трех других Гор.
Когда Гномьи Копи выходят на поле битвы развернутыми, создайте одну фишку существа 1/1 красный Гном.
Card Number:
10/4/2019 An Island is a land with the subtype Island, not any land that could produce blue mana. For example, Mystic Sanctuary is an Island, but Castle Vantress isn’t.
10/4/2019 As these lands are entering the battlefield, they check for lands that are already on the battlefield. They won’t see lands that are entering the battlefield at the same time (due to Scapeshift, for example).
10/4/2019 If another effect puts these lands onto the battlefield tapped, they enter tapped, even if you control enough lands with the appropriate basic land type.