Rayo demoníaco
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Rayo demoníaco
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Card Text:
El Rayo demoníaco hace 4 puntos de daño a la criatura o planeswalker objetivo.
Profetizar Red. <i>(Durante tu turno, puedes pagar 2 y exiliar esta carta de tu mano boca abajo. Puedes lanzarla en un turno posterior pagando su coste de profetizar.)</i>
Flavor Text:
"Que ardan en el cielo".
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2/5/2021 Because exiling a card with foretell from your hand is a special action, you can do so any time you have priority during your turn, including in response to spells and abilities. Once you announce you’re taking the action, no other player can respond by trying to remove the card from your hand.
2/5/2021 Casting a foretold card from exile follows the timing rules for that card. If you foretell an instant card, you can cast it as soon as the next player’s turn. In most cases, if you foretell a card that isn’t an instant (or doesn’t have flash), you’ll have to wait until your next turn to cast it.
2/5/2021 If you’re casting a foretold card from exile for its foretell cost, you can’t choose to cast it for any other alternative costs. You can, however, pay additional costs, such as kicker costs. If the card has any mandatory additional costs, those must be paid to cast the spell.

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