Maraña necroflorecida
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Card Name:
Maraña necroflorecida
Card Text:
En cuanto la Maraña necroflorecida entre al campo de batalla, puedes mostrar una carta de Pantano o de Bosque de tu mano. Si no lo haces, la Maraña necroflorecida entra al campo de batalla girada.
Tap: Agrega Black o Green.
Card Number:
4/16/2021 You may reveal any land card with either or both of the appropriate subtypes. It doesn’t have to be a basic land card.
4/16/2021 The “Snarl” itself doesn’t have any land subtypes. You can’t reveal one to satisfy the ability of another.
4/16/2021 If a land card with an appropriate subtype is entering the battlefield from your hand at the same time as one of these lands, you may reveal the other land to have the “Snarl” enter untapped.
4/16/2021 If an effect instructs you to put one of these lands onto the battlefield tapped, it will still enter the battlefield tapped even if you reveal a land card from your hand.

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