Sacerdotisa de ritos letales
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Sacerdotisa de ritos letales
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Criatura — Brujo humano
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Tap, pagar 3 vidas, sacrificar la Sacerdotisa de ritos letales: Regresa la carta de criatura objetivo de tu cementerio al campo de batalla. Activa esto solo como un conjuro.
Desenterrar 3WhiteBlack. <i>(3WhiteBlack: Regresa esta carta de tu cementerio al campo de batalla. Gana la habilidad de prisa. Exíliala al comienzo del próximo paso final o si fuera a dejar el campo de batalla. Activa la habilidad de desenterrar solo como un conjuro.)</i>
2 / 2
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6/18/2021 You choose the target of the first ability before paying any of that ability’s costs. In other words, you can’t choose Priest of Fell Rites itself as the target to bring it back from the graveyard.
6/18/2021 Activating a creature card’s unearth ability isn’t the same as casting the creature card. The unearth ability is put on the stack, but the creature card is not. Spells and abilities that interact with activated abilities (such as Stifle) will interact with unearth, but spells and abilities that interact with spells (such as Cancel) will not.
6/18/2021 If a creature returned to the battlefield by the unearth ability would leave it for any reason, it’s exiled instead—unless the spell or ability that’s causing the creature to leave the battlefield is actually trying to exile it. In that case, the spell or ability succeeds at exiling the creature. If the spell or ability later returns the creature card to the battlefield (as Ephemerate might, for example), the creature card will return as a new object with no relation to its previous existence. The unearth effect will no longer apply to it.

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