Sanctifier en-Vec
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Sanctifier en-Vec
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Creature — Human Cleric
Card Text:
Protection from black and from red
When Sanctifier en-Vec enters the battlefield, exile all cards that are black or red from all graveyards.
If a black or red permanent, spell, or card not on the battlefield would be put into a graveyard, exile it instead.
2 / 2
Card Number:
6/18/2021 If a black or red spell causes Sanctifier en-Vec to leave the battlefield as part of its resolution, that spell will go to its owner’s graveyard and won’t be exiled instead.
6/18/2021 If a black or red spell causes Sanctifier en-Vec to have lethal damage marked on it or causes it to have 0 toughness, Sanctifier en-Vec will not be put into a graveyard until the next time state-based actions are checked after the spell has finished resolving. In this case, the spell will be exiled instead of going to its owner’s graveyard.
6/18/2021 If a black or red permanent would go to the graveyard at the same time as Sanctifier en-Vec, that permanent will be exiled instead.

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