Midnight Oil
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Card Name:
Midnight Oil
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Card Text:
Midnight Oil enters the battlefield with seven hour counters on it.
At the beginning of your draw step, draw an additional card and remove two hour counters from Midnight Oil.
Your maximum hand size is equal to the number of hour counters on Midnight Oil.
Whenever you discard a card, you lose 1 life.
All Sets:
Kaladesh (Rare)
Kaladesh Remastered (Rare)
Card Number:
9/20/2016 If multiple effects try to set your maximum hand size to a certain number or state that you have no maximum hand size, the one created latest is the one that applies.
9/20/2016 If Midnight Oil has only one hour counter on it, its first triggered ability will remove that one counter.
9/20/2016 If Midnight Oil has no hour counters on it, its first triggered ability will continue to trigger and have you draw an additional card, even though you can't remove any counters from it.
9/20/2016 Your maximum hand size is only checked during the cleanup step of your turn. At other times, you may have more cards in hand than your maximum hand size.
9/20/2016 If you discard a card during your cleanup step while you control Midnight Oil, its last ability will trigger, and players will get priority in your cleanup step. You'll have another cleanup step after that one before continuing to the next player's turn.
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