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World Enchantment
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Creatures can't attack a player unless that player cast a spell or put a nontoken permanent onto the battlefield during their last turn.
Flavor Text:
As the world steeled itself for the New Phyrexian invasion, the heart of the Pinelands awoke, and a new maro-sorcerer strode forth to join the fight.
All Sets:
Legends (Uncommon)
Masters Edition III (Rare)
Dominaria Remastered (Rare)
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12/8/2022 Arboria doesn't stop creatures from attacking planeswalkers, regardless of what their controllers did or didn't do during their last turns.
12/8/2022 Arboria's effect cares whether a player put a nontoken permanent onto the battlefield. It's unusual for an ability to care who put a permanent onto the battlefield, as opposed to under whose control it entered.
12/8/2022 Arboria's effect cares about the actions taken by players, not their results. If a player cast a spell during their last turn but that spell was countered, that player may still be attacked. The same is true if a player put a nontoken permanent onto the battlefield during their last turn, but that permanent left the battlefield before their turn ended.
12/8/2022 If two or more permanents have the world supertype, all of them are put into their owners' graveyards except the one that has had the world supertype for the shortest amount of time. If there's a tie for the shortest amount of time, all world permanents are put into the graveyard.
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