Dina, Soul Steeper
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Dina, Soul Steeper
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Legendary Creature — Dryad Druid
Card Text:
Whenever you gain life, each opponent loses 1 life.
1, Sacrifice another creature: Dina, Soul Steeper gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is the sacrificed creature's power.
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Card Number:
4/16/2021 Dina's first ability triggers only once for each life gain event, no matter how much life was gained.
4/16/2021 When Dina's first ability resolves, each opponent loses only 1 life, no matter how much life was gained.
4/16/2021 Each creature with lifelink dealing combat damage causes a separate life gain event. For example, if two creatures you control with lifelink deal combat damage at the same time, a “whenever you gain life” ability will trigger twice. However, if a single creature you control with lifelink deals combat damage to multiple creatures, players, and/or planeswalkers at the same time (perhaps because it has trample or was blocked by more than one creature), the ability will trigger only once.
4/16/2021 X is the power the creature had when it was on the battlefield, not the power it has in the graveyard.

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