Goblin Girder Gang
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Goblin Girder Gang
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Creature — Goblin Employee
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Whenever you roll a die, if the result isn't stored on Goblin Girder Gang, you may store that result on it. When you do, Goblin Girder Gang deals 1 damage to any target without a hat.
Goblin Girder Gang gets +1/+0 for each result stored on it.
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10/7/2022 Goblin Girder Gang has received a minor update to its triggered ability. Specifically, the ability will check both as it triggers and as it tries to resolve to see if the result is stored on Goblin Girder Gang. For example, if 3 is not stored on Goblin Girder Gang and you roll two 3s, the ability will trigger twice. If you store the first 3 on it, the second ability won’t resolve as it will see that 3 is now stored on Goblin Girder Gang.
10/7/2022 To store a result means to lock the result and save it on Goblin Girder Gang. Once a certain result is stored on Goblin Girder Gang, it remains stored until Goblin Girder Gang leaves the battlefield.
10/7/2022 You can store any result of a die roll on Triple G, including numbers lower than 1, numbers higher than 6, and even numbers higher than 20. You can even store non-numbers such as blank faces or CHAOS by rolling the planar die.
10/7/2022 A target is “without a hat” if they don’t meet the criteria for “having a hat.” (You probably don’t need to look that up. It means what you think it means.)
10/7/2022 A hat is a garment worn on the head that’s not part of another garment. Hoodies, for example, are not hats. Items that cover only the face and not the top of the head, such as a face mask, are also not hats. Hats are purposely decorative. Simply balancing a thing on your head doesn’t make that thing a hat.
10/7/2022 Key in this set—space helmets are not hats, although some creatures with space helmets also are wearing hats underneath those helmets.
10/7/2022 Wigs and headbands count as hats. There are wig and headband stickers.
10/7/2022 The above information pertaining to hats for creatures also pertains to actual hats for players.
10/7/2022 A creature “has a hat” if the creature depicted in the art is in possession of a hat. That creature doesn’t need to be wearing the hat. A background character such as a scale bird having a hat won’t count.
10/7/2022 You “have a hat” if you have a hat with you, not if you own one somewhere. You don’t have to be wearing the hat. But if you have a hat with you, why wouldn’t you be wearing it? Does it not fit? Is it for a sports team that’s bad? Did you just get your hair done? We’re just curious. You don’t have to explain.
10/7/2022 You’re “wearing a hat” if you’re wearing a hat.
10/7/2022 No player can remove another player’s hat. That’s unsporting conduct.

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