Mystic Barrier
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Community Rating: 3.615 / 5  (13 votes)
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Mystic Barrier
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Card Text:
When Mystic Barrier enters the battlefield or at the beginning of your upkeep, choose left or right.
Each player may attack only the nearest opponent in the last chosen direction and planeswalkers controlled by that opponent.
Card Number:
10/17/2013 Mystic Barrier affects only what players and planeswalkers each player may attack with creatures they control. It doesn't affect what players may be targeted by spells or abilities or other interactions.
10/17/2013 Mystic Barrier doesn't affect creatures that enter the battlefield attacking.
10/17/2013 In some formats, you may need to disregard teammates sitting between you and the opponent seated nearest you in the chosen direction. In formats like Emperor, other rules may prohibit you from attacking that player.
10/17/2013 If two Mystic Barriers are on the battlefield with two different chosen directions, you may not attack a player or planeswalker unless that player or the controller of that planeswalker is the opponent seated nearest you in both directions. (This happens most often in two-player games.)
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