Qasali Ambusher
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Community Rating: 3.746 / 5  (114 votes)
Card Name:
Qasali Ambusher
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Creature — Cat Warrior
Card Text:
If a creature is attacking you and you control a Forest and a Plains, you may cast Qasali Ambusher without paying its mana cost and as though it had flash.
Flavor Text:
The surprise of a battle cry can be as deadly as a blade.
2 / 3
Card Number:
10/1/2008 Casting Qasali Ambusher as described in its second ability still uses the stack. The spell can be countered.
10/1/2008 If you want to cast Qasali Ambusher by using its second ability, you don't necessarily have to do it during the declare attackers step. You can do it later in combat (including all the way up through the end of combat step) as long as there's still a creature attacking you. Of course, if you cast Qasali Ambusher later than the declare attackers step, it won't be able to block.
10/1/2008 For you to cast Qasali Ambusher as described in its second ability, a creature has to be attacking *you*. If creatures are attacking only planeswalkers, you won't be able to cast Qasali Ambusher this way.
10/1/2008 Qasali Ambusher's second ability is looking for lands with the subtypes Forest and Plains. Those lands don't need to be named Forest and Plains. It's okay if both subtypes are from the same land (such as Savannah or Temple Garden).
4/27/2018 If you're playing a Two-Headed Giant game and a creature is attacking your teammate, you won't be able to cast Qasali Ambusher this way.
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