Sewer Crocodile
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Sewer Crocodile
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Creature — Crocodile
Card Text:
3Blue: Sewer Crocodile can't be blocked this turn. This ability costs 3 less to activate if there are five or more mana values among cards in your graveyard.
Flavor Text:
"Quick, let's hide in the sewer!"
—Ginsi the Thief, now deceased
4 / 6
Card Number:
4/29/2022 Costs to activate an ability are determined only once, before mana abilities are activated. If cards are removed from your graveyard after that point, such as by exiling Jack-o'-Lantern from your graveyard to pay for its mana ability, this won't affect the cost of activating Sewer Crocodile, even if that reduces the number of mana values in your graveyard to below five.
4/29/2022 "Five or more mana values among cards in your graveyard" means there are at least five different mana values among those cards.
4/29/2022 The mana value of a split card in the graveyard is the total mana value of both halves of that card. It does not have two mana values.
4/29/2022 The mana value of a double-faced card in your graveyard is always the mana value of the front face.
4/29/2022 X is 0 when determining the mana value of a card in your graveyard.
4/29/2022 The mana value of a land card is 0.
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