Life and Limb
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Life and Limb
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All Forests and all Saprolings are 1/1 green Saproling creatures and Forest lands in addition to their other types.
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"It was a sight of pain and awe—a twisted forest, migrating across the salt plain in search of richer soil."
—Edahlis, greenseeker
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2/1/2007 Each Forest and Saproling will have the card types creature and land, and the subtypes Forest and Saproling. Each subtype maintains its correlation to the proper type: Forest is not a creature type and Saproling is not a land type.
2/1/2007 When Life and Limb leaves the battlefield, the effect ends and the permanents go back to what they were (unless another effect grants these card types and/or subtypes to the affected permanents).
2/1/2007 Forests that enter the battlefield while Life and Limb is on the battlefield will enter the battlefield as creatures. They’ll have summoning sickness.
2/1/2007 Saprolings that are on the battlefield while Life and Limb is on the battlefield have the ability “Tap: Add Green.” Although they’re Forests, they are not basic lands.
2/1/2007 With Life and Limb on the battlefield, Mistform Ultimus will be a legendary 1/1 green land creature that has land type Forest and has all creature types.