Nature Shields Its Own
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Community Rating: 3.571 / 5  (35 votes)
Card Name:
Nature Shields Its Own
Ongoing Scheme
Card Text:
(An ongoing scheme remains face up until it's abandoned.)
Whenever a creature attacks and isn't blocked, if you're the defending player, create a 0/1 green Plant creature token that's blocking that creature.
When four or more creatures attack you, abandon this scheme at end of combat.
Card Number:
6/15/2010 You’re the defending player if a creature is attacking you or a planeswalker you control.
6/15/2010 For each unblocked creature attacking you, you must put a Plant token onto the battlefield blocking it, even if you don’t want to.
6/15/2010 The Plant token blocks the attacking creature even if the block couldn’t legally be declared (for example, if the attacking creature has flying).
6/15/2010 Putting a blocking creature onto the battlefield doesn’t trigger “Whenever a creature blocks” abilities. It also won’t check blocking restrictions, costs, or requirements.
6/15/2010 Putting a blocking creature onto the battlefield will trigger “When this creature becomes blocked by a creature” abilities. It will also trigger “When this creature becomes blocked” abilities in this case, because the attacking creature had not yet been blocked that combat.
6/15/2010 The last ability triggers only if four or more creatures were declared as attackers during your opponents’ declare attackers step. Only creatures attacking you are counted; creatures attacking your planeswalkers are not. The creatures may be controlled by different players.