Cryptic Caves
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Card Name:
Cryptic Caves
Card Text:
Tap: Add Colorless.
1, Tap, Sacrifice Cryptic Caves: Draw a card. Activate only if you control five or more lands.
Flavor Text:
Only when you've given up the search will the caves yield their secrets.
All Sets:
Core Set 2020 (Uncommon)
Zendikar Rising Commander (Uncommon)
Kaldheim Commander (Uncommon)
Card Number:
7/12/2019 Cryptic Caves can be one of the five lands you control. You don’t need to control five other lands. It’s okay that you’ll only control four lands as you finish activating Cryptic Caves’s last ability.
7/12/2019 If you control two Cryptic Caves and exactly three other lands, you can activate the last ability of only one of the Cryptic Caves. As soon as the cost for that ability is paid, you will no longer control enough lands to activate the ability of the second Cryptic Caves.

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