Khalni Hydra
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Community Rating: 4.252 / 5  (210 votes)
Card Name:
Khalni Hydra
Mana Cost:
Mana Value:
Creature — Hydra
Card Text:
This spell costs Green less to cast for each green creature you control.
Flavor Text:
"In ages past, bargains were struck and promises were made. Now we must collect on our debt. Begin the hymns."
—Moruul, Khalni druid
8 / 8
Mythic Rare
Card Number:
6/15/2010 For the purpose of determining the cost reduction, the number of green creatures you control is checked as you cast Khalni Hydra, before your last chance to activate mana abilities to pay for it. For example, if you control Wild Cantor (a red and green creature with the ability "Sacrifice Wild Cantor: Add one mana of any color.") as you cast Khalni Hydra, first the cost to cast Khalni Hydra is reduced by Green, then you could sacrifice Wild Cantor for mana to help pay for it.
6/15/2010 Khalni Hydra's cost reduction effect doesn't change its mana cost or mana value.
6/15/2010 If an effect (such as the one from Lodestone Golem) imposes an additional generic mana cost to casting Khalni Hydra, the Hydra's ability will reduce it too. It'll reduce the amount of green mana you need to spend first, though.
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