Copy Enchantment
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Community Rating: 3.917 / 5  (54 votes)
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Copy Enchantment
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Card Text:
You may have Copy Enchantment enter the battlefield as a copy of any enchantment on the battlefield.
Flavor Text:
Simic mages create redundant backups of their experiments to reduce the consequences of catastrophe.
Card Number:
10/1/2005 If you choose an Aura, you also choose a legal permanent for the Copy Enchantment copy of it to enchant. Copy Enchantment doesn't target that permanent, however, so it can enter the battlefield attached to an untargetable creature.
10/1/2005 If you choose an Aura and there isn't a legal permanent for it to enchant, you put Copy Enchantment into your graveyard. It never enters the battlefield.
10/1/2005 If you don't choose an enchantment, Copy Enchantment enters the battlefield without copying anything, and it sits there with a useless ability.
4/1/2006 If this is copying a Genju, such as Genju of the Fields, and the land this enchants goes to the graveyard, you will return the Copy Enchantment to your hand.
7/1/2006 Copies all copiable values, to include mana cost, so if you copy Dream Leash, for example, the mana value of Copy Enchantment will be 5.
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