Spawning Pool
Community Rating:
Community Rating: 4.134 / 5  (41 votes)
Card Name:
Spawning Pool
Card Text:
Spawning Pool comes into play tapped.
ocT: Add one black mana to your mana pool.
o1ooB Spawning Pool becomes a 1/1 black creature with "ooB Regenerate this creature" until end of turn. This creature still counts as a land.
All Sets:
Urza's Legacy (Uncommon)
Tenth Edition (Uncommon)
Card Number:
8/1/2008 A noncreature permanent that turns into a creature can attack, and its Tap abilities can be activated, only if its controller has continuously controlled that permanent since the beginning of their most recent turn. It doesn't matter how long the permanent has been a creature.
10/1/2009 Activating the ability that turns it into a creature while it's already a creature will override any effects that set its power and/or toughness to a specific number. However, any effect that raises or lowers power and/or toughness (such as the effect created by Giant Growth, Glorious Anthem, or a +1/+1 counter) will continue to apply.
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