Knowledge Vault
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Community Rating: 2.750 / 5  (22 votes)
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Knowledge Vault
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Card Text:
o2ocT: Take a card from your library without looking at it and place it face down under Knowledge Vault. Sacrifice Knowledge Vault to discard entire hand and take the cards under the vault into your hand. If Knowledge Vault leaves play, put all cards under it in your graveyard.
All Sets:
Legends (Rare)
Masters Edition III (Uncommon)
10/1/2008 You can activate the second ability any time you have priority, including in response to itself. However, you will only be able to sacrifice the Vault as the first such ability resolves.
10/1/2009 You don't get to look at the cards exiled with Knowledge Vault.
10/1/2009 If you activate Knowledge Vault's second ability, all that happens at that time is that you pay a cost of 0. As the ability resolves, you must sacrifice Knowledge Vault. This is mandatory. If you are able to do so, you discard your hand and put all cards exiled with Knowledge Vault into their owners' hands. If you aren't able to do so because Knowledge Vault left the battlefield or changed controllers before the ability resolves, nothing happens.

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