Grimoire Thief
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Community Rating: 4.326 / 5  (92 votes)
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Grimoire Thief
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Creature - Merfolk Rogue
Card Text:
Whenever Grimoire Thief becomes tapped, remove the top three cards of target opponent's library from the game face down.
You may look at cards removed from the game with Grimoire Thief.
Blue, Sacrifice Grimoire Thief: Turn all cards removed from the game with Grimoire Thief face up. Counter all spells with those names.
2 / 2
Card Number:
4/1/2008 The only cards you turn face up are the cards exiled with the Grimoire Thief that was sacrificed.
4/1/2008 The last ability counters all spells on the stack with any of the appropriate names, no matter who controls them.
4/1/2008 If a split card is turned face up, the ability counters all spells with the same name as either side of that split card.
7/1/2013 Once a player gains control of Grimoire Thief, that player can look at all cards it exiled, even if those cards were exiled while someone else controlled Grimoire Thief.
7/1/2013 Once a player is allowed to look at the exiled face-down cards, that player may continue to do so even after Grimoire Thief leaves the battlefield or another player gains control of it.