Künstliche Entwicklung
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Künstliche Entwicklung
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Verändere den Text eines Zauberspruchs oder einer bleibenden Karte deiner Wahl, indem du im Text alle Vorkommen eines Kreaturentyps mit einem anderen Kreaturentyp ersetzt. Der neue Kreaturentyp kann weder Legende noch Mauer sein. (Dieser Effekt endet nicht am Ende des Zuges.)
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10/4/2004 If a creature’s creature type has been changed by a spell or ability, changing the card’s text won’t affect or alter the new creature type.
10/4/2004 Alters all occurrences of the chosen word in the text box and the type line of the given card.
10/4/2004 Can target a card with no appropriate words on it, or even one with no words at all.
10/4/2004 It can’t change a word to the same word. It must be a different word.
10/4/2004 It only changes what is printed on the card (or set on a token when it was created or set by a copy effect). It will not change any effects that are on the permanent.
10/4/2004 You choose the words to change on resolution.
10/4/2004 You can’t change proper nouns (i.e. card names) such as “Island Fish Jasconius”.
10/4/2004 Changing the text of a spell will not allow you to change the targets of the spell because the targets were chosen when the spell was cast. The text change will (probably) cause it to be countered since the targets will be illegal.
10/4/2004 If you change the text of a spell which is to become a permanent, the permanent will retain the text change until the effect wears off.