Proteção Elevada
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Card Name:
Proteção Elevada
Mana Cost:
Two or GreenTwo or GreenTwo or Green
Converted Mana Cost:
Card Text:
(Two or Green pode ser pago com quaisquer dois manas ou com Green. O custo de mana convertido desse card é 6.)
Até o final do turno, a criatura alvo recebe +4/+4 e ganha atropelar, murchar e "Quando esta criatura ataca, a criatura alvo bloqueia-a neste turno se estiver apta." (Ela causa dano a criaturas na forma de marcadores -1/-1.)
Card Number:
5/1/2008 If an effect reduces the cost to cast a spell by an amount of generic mana, it applies to a monocolored hybrid spell only if you’ve chosen a method of paying for it that includes generic mana.
5/1/2008 A card with a monocolored hybrid mana symbol in its mana cost is each of the colors that appears in its mana cost, regardless of what mana was spent to cast it. Thus, Tower Above is green even if you spend six white mana to cast it.
5/1/2008 A card with monocolored hybrid mana symbols in its mana cost has a converted mana cost equal to the highest possible cost it could be cast for. Its converted mana cost never changes. Thus, Tower Above has a converted mana cost of 6, even if you spend GreenGreenGreen to cast it.
5/1/2008 If a cost includes more than one monocolored hybrid mana symbol, you can choose a different way to pay for each symbol. For example, you can pay for Tower Above by spending GreenGreenGreen, 2GreenGreen, 4Green, or 6.
5/1/2008 When the creature affected by Tower Above attacks, you can target any creature on the battlefield with the triggered ability. However, if the creature you target can’t block the creature affected by Tower Above (for example, because the attacking creature has flying and the other one doesn’t, or because both creatures are controlled by the same player), the triggered ability does nothing. In that case, the creature you targeted is free to block whichever creature its controller chooses, or block no creatures at all.