Déchu de Tel-Jilad
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Déchu de Tel-Jilad
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Créature : - elfe et guerrier
Card Text:
Protection contre les artefacts
Infection (Cette créature inflige des blessures aux créatures sous la forme de marqueurs -1/-1 et aux joueurs sous la forme de marqueurs « poison ».)
Flavor Text:
« Je ne suis plus enchaîné à l'antiquité. Mes nouveaux maîtres graveront un avenir glorieux. »
3 / 1
Card Number:
1/1/2011 A player who has ten or more poison counters loses the game. This is a state-based action.
1/1/2011 Infect's effect applies to any damage, not just combat damage.
1/1/2011 The -1/-1 counters remain on the creature indefinitely. They're not removed if the creature regenerates or the turn ends.
1/1/2011 Damage from a source with infect is damage in all respects. If the source with infect also has lifelink, damage dealt by that source also causes its controller to gain that much life. Damage from a source with infect can be prevented or redirected. Abilities that trigger on damage being dealt will trigger if a source with infect deals damage, if appropriate.
1/1/2011 If damage from a source with infect that would be dealt to a player is prevented, that player doesn't get poison counters. If damage from a source with infect that would be dealt to a creature is prevented, that creature doesn't get -1/-1 counters.
1/1/2011 Damage from a source with infect affects planeswalkers normally.
1/1/2011 “Protection from artifacts” means the following: -- Tel-Jilad Fallen can't be blocked by artifact creatures. -- Tel-Jilad Fallen can't be equipped. It also can't be enchanted by Auras that have somehow become artifacts in addition to enchantments. -- Tel-Jilad Fallen can't be targeted by abilities from artifact sources. -- All damage that would be dealt to Tel-Jilad Fallen by artifact sources is prevented.
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