Jeweled Amulet
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Jeweled Amulet
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Card Text:
o1,ocT: Put a charge counter on Jeweled Amulet. Note what type of mana was used to pay this activation cost. Use this ability only if there are no charge counters on Jeweled Amulet.
ocT: Remove the charge counter from Jeweled Amulet to add one mana of the type last used to put a charge counter on Jeweled Amulet to your mana pool. Play this ability as an interrupt.
All Sets:
Ice Age (Uncommon)
Masters Edition II (Uncommon)
10/1/2008 The types of mana are white, blue, black, red, green, and colorless.
10/1/2008 Charge counters are indistinguishable from one another. If some other spell or ability (such as Power Conduit’s ability) puts a charge counter on Jeweled Amulet, activating Jeweled Amulet’s second ability will still check the type of mana last noted by its first ability. If there is no type of mana noted by its first ability (because it hasn’t been activated by that point), the second ability will produce no mana.