Archange de la discorde
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Card Name:
Archange de la discorde
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Créature : - ange
Card Text:
Au moment où l'Archange de la discorde arrive sur le champ de bataille, chaque joueur choisit entre la guerre et la paix.
Les créatures contrôlées par les joueurs qui ont choisi la guerre gagnent +3/+0.
Les créatures contrôlées par les joueurs qui ont choisi la paix gagnent +0/+3.
6 / 6
All Sets:
Magic: The Gathering-Commander (Rare)
From the Vault: Angels (Mythic Rare)
Commander Anthology (Rare)
Card Number:
9/22/2011 Archangel of Strife’s second and third abilities are linked. Similarly, its second and fourth abilities are linked. The bonus a player’s creatures get depends only on the choice that player made when Archangel of Strife entered the battlefield.
9/22/2011 The active player chooses war or peace first, followed by each other player in turn order. Each player will know what previous players chose when making their choice.
9/22/2011 Archangel of Strife’s bonuses apply immediately. Depending on your choice, Archangel of Strife will enter the battlefield as either a 9/6 or 6/9 creature.
9/22/2011 If there are two Archangels of Strife on the battlefield, and you choose war for one and peace for the other, your creatures get +3/+3.
9/22/2011 As soon as Archangel of Strife leaves the battlefield, the bonus stops applying. If it returns to the battlefield, players will be able to make new choices.

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