Maîtrise de l'art de la guerre
Maîtrise de l'art de la guerre
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Card Name:
Maîtrise de l'art de la guerre
Mana Cost:
2Red or WhiteRed or White
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Card Text:
Ne lancez la Maîtrise de l'art de la guerre qu'avant la déclaration des attaquants.
Vous choisissez quelles créatures attaquent ce tour-ci. Vous choisissez la manière dont chaque créature bloque ce tour-ci.
All Sets:
Ravnica: City of Guilds (Rare)
Magic: The Gathering-Commander (Rare)
Commander Anthology (Rare)
Guild Kit: Boros (Rare)
Card Number:
10/1/2005 You choose attackers and make blocking assignments regardless of whether it’s your turn and regardless of whether the creatures are attacking you. Your choices must be legal within the normal rules for attacking and blocking.
1/1/2006 You can decide that a creature won’t block.
4/1/2008 If the defending player controls a planeswalker, the person who cast Master Warcraft first chooses the complete group of creatures that are going to attack. Then, for each of those creatures, the active player chooses who or what it’s going to attack.
9/20/2013 If a turn has multiple combat phases, this spell can only be cast before the beginning of the Declare Attackers Step of the first combat phase in that turn.