Helm of Obedience
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Community Rating: 4.373 / 5  (67 votes)
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Helm of Obedience
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oX, ocT: Put the top card of target opponent's library into his or her graveyard. Continue doing this until you have put X cards or a creature card into that graveyard, whichever occurs first. If the last card put into the graveyard is a creature card, bury Helm of Obedience and put that creature into play under your control as though it were just cast. X cannot be equal to 0.
All Sets:
Alliances (Rare)
Masters Edition II (Rare)
10/1/2008 You put the creature card onto the battlefield even if you can’t sacrifice Helm of Obedience (because it’s left the battlefield by the time its ability resolves, for example).
10/1/2008 If an effect like that of Leyline of the Void prevents cards from being put into your opponent’s graveyard, the process described in the first sentence of Helm of Obedience’s effect will never stop. Your opponent’s entire library will be exiled, even if X is 1.