Disputa entre gremios
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Disputa entre gremios
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Al comienzo de tu mantenimiento, el oponente objetivo muestra las primeras tres cartas de su biblioteca y puede poner en el campo de batalla una carta de criatura que se encuentre entre ellas, luego pone el resto en su cementerio. Tú haces lo mismo con las tres primeras cartas de tu biblioteca. Si dos criaturas son puestas en el campo de batalla de este modo, esas criaturas luchan entre sí.
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10/1/2012 Guild Feud has one target: the opponent. You'll see what creature that player puts onto the battlefield before revealing the top three cards of your library and deciding whether to put a creature onto the battlefield yourself.
10/1/2012 If no creatures or only one creature is put onto the battlefield this way, no fight happens.
10/1/2012 Players can't cast spells or activate abilities between the creatures being put onto the battlefield and them fighting each other. Notably, you can't respond with a spell like Giant Growth.
10/1/2012 Any abilities that trigger when the two creatures enter the battlefield will be put on the stack after the fight, even if one or both creatures die.
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