Lavinia aus dem Zehnten
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Lavinia aus dem Zehnten
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Legendäre Kreatur — Mensch, Soldat
Card Text:
Schutz vor Rot
Wenn Lavinia aus dem Zehnten ins Spiel kommt, inhaftiere alle bleibenden Karten mit umgewandelten Manakosten von 4 oder weniger, die keine Länder sind und die deine Gegner kontrollieren. (Bis zu deinem nächsten Zug können diese bleibenden Karten nicht angreifen oder blocken und ihre aktivierten Fähigkeiten können nicht aktiviert werden.)
4 / 4
All Sets:
Dragon's Maze (Rare)
Guild Kit: Azorius (Rare)
Card Number:
4/15/2013 Activated abilities include a colon and are written in the form “[cost]: [effect].” No one can activate any activated abilities, including mana abilities, of a detained permanent.
4/15/2013 The static abilities of a detained permanent still apply. The triggered abilities of a detained permanent can still trigger.
4/15/2013 If a creature is already attacking or blocking when it's detained, it won't be removed from combat. It will continue to attack or block.
4/15/2013 If a permanent's activated ability is on the stack when that permanent is detained, the ability will be unaffected.
4/15/2013 If a noncreature permanent is detained and later turns into a creature, it won't be able to attack or block.
4/15/2013 When a player leaves a multiplayer game, any continuous effects with durations that last until that player's next turn or until a specific point in that turn will last until that turn would have begun. They neither expire immediately nor last indefinitely.
4/15/2013 The mana value of a creature token is 0 unless that token is a copy of another creature, in which case it copies that creature's mana cost.
4/15/2013 Lavinia's ability doesn't affect permanents an opponent gains control of after its enters-the-battlefield ability has resolved. Similarly, if you gain control of a detained permanent after that ability resolves, it will continue to be detained until your next turn.
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