Crisol do Dragão Espírito
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Card Name:
Crisol do Dragão Espírito
Card Text:
Tap: Adicione 1 à sua reserva de mana.
1, Tap: Coloque um marcador de armazenamento em Crisol do Dragão Espírito.
Tap, Remova X marcadores de armazenamento de Crisol do Dragão Espírito: Adicione X mana em qualquer combinação de cores à sua reserva de mana. Gaste este mana somente para conjurar mágicas de Dragão ou ativar habilidades de Dragões.
All Sets:
Fate Reforged (Rare)
Commander 2017 (Rare)
Card Number:
11/24/2014 You can use mana generated by the last ability to pay an alternative cost (such as a dash cost) or an additional cost to cast a Dragon spell. It’s not limited to paying just that spell’s mana cost.
11/24/2014 An activated ability appears in the form “Cost: Effect.”
11/24/2014 Notably, turning a face-down creature face up isn’t an activated ability. If you manifest a Dragon creature card or cast a Dragon creature card face down using the morph ability, you can’t use mana generated by the last ability to turn that card face up.
11/24/2014 The mana generated by the last ability can’t be spent to activate abilities of Dragon sources that aren’t on the battlefield.