Überwältigende Ablehnung
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Überwältigende Ablehnung
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Schwall BlueBlue (Du kannst diesen Zauberspruch für seine Schwall-Kosten wirken, falls du oder ein Teamkamerad in diesem Zug bereits einen anderen Zauberspruch gewirkt hat.)
Die Überwältigende Ablehnung kann nicht von Zaubersprüchen oder Fähigkeiten neutralisiert werden.
Neutralisiere einen Zauberspruch deiner Wahl.
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1/22/2016 For some cards, surge represents only an alternative cost, a discount that applies if you or a teammate has cast another spell this turn. Other cards, like Reckless Bushwhacker, have additional abilities or effects if you paid the surge cost to cast the spell.
1/22/2016 The other spell that you or a teammate cast can be one that’s resolved, one that was countered, or (for instants with surge) one that’s still on the stack.
1/22/2016 If an instant or sorcery spell cast for its surge cost is copied, the copy is also considered to have had its surge cost paid.
1/22/2016 Casting a spell for its surge cost doesn’t change its mana cost or its converted mana cost.