Nezahal, Marea Primordiale
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Nezahal, Marea Primordiale
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Creatura Leggendaria — Antico Dinosauro
Card Text:
Nezahal, Marea Primordiale non può essere neutralizzato.
Non hai un limite massimo di carte nella tua mano.
Ogniqualvolta un avversario lancia una magia non creatura, pesca una carta.
Scarta tre carte: Esilia Nezahal. Rimettilo sul campo di battaglia TAPpato sotto il controllo del suo proprietario all'inizio della prossima sottofase finale.
7 / 7
Card Number:
1/19/2018 Your maximum hand size is checked only during the cleanup step on your turn. If Nezahal’s last ability is activated before your turn’s end step, it will return before your next cleanup step and you’ll have no maximum hand size.
1/19/2018 Nezahal’s triggered ability resolves before the noncreature spell that caused it to trigger.
1/19/2018 Players can cast spells and activate abilities after Nezahal’s triggered ability resolves but before the spell that caused it to trigger does. Notably, the card you draw may be able to counter that spell or may be discarded to activate Nezahal’s last ability.
1/19/2018 After Nezahal returns to the battlefield, it will be a new object with no connection to the creature that was exiled. It won’t be in combat or have any additional abilities it may have had when it was exiled. Any +1/+1 counters on it or Auras attached to it are removed, and any Equipment will no longer be attached.