Sentinelle du Trident de perles
Sentinelle du Trident de perles
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Sentinelle du Trident de perles
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Créature : - ondin et soldat
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Quand la Sentinelle du Trident de perles arrive sur le champ de bataille, vous pouvez exiler un permanent historique ciblé que vous contrôlez. Si vous faites ainsi, renvoyez cette carte sur le champ de bataille sous le contrôle de son propriétaire au début de la prochaine étape de fin. (Les artefacts, les légendaires et les sagas sont historiques.)
3 / 3
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4/27/2018 If a token is exiled this way, it ceases to exist and won’t return to the battlefield.
4/27/2018 The exiled card will return to the battlefield at the beginning of the next end step even if Sentinel of the Pearl Trident is no longer on the battlefield at that time.
4/27/2018 If the exiled card is an Aura, that card’s owner chooses what it will enchant as it comes back onto the battlefield. An Aura put onto the battlefield this way doesn’t target anything (so it could be attached to an opponent’s permanent with hexproof, for example), but the Aura’s enchant ability restricts what it can be attached to. If the Aura can’t legally be attached to anything, it remains exiled.
4/27/2018 If Sentinel of the Pearl Trident enters the battlefield during a turn’s end step, the exiled card won’t be returned to the battlefield until the beginning of the following turn’s end step.
4/27/2018 A card, spell, or permanent is historic if it has the legendary supertype, the artifact card type, or the Saga subtype. Having two of those qualities doesn’t make an object more historic than another or provide an additional bonus—an object either is historic or it isn’t.