Mansión en movimiento
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Mansión en movimiento
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Variable ColorlessWhiteBlue
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Card Text:
Regresa de tu cementerio al campo de batalla hasta X cartas de artefacto y/o encantamiento objetivo que no sean Auras, cada una con un coste de maná convertido de X o menos. Si X es 6 o más, esos permanentes son criaturas 4/4 además de sus otros tipos.
Card Number:
10/4/2019 If a card in a player’s graveyard has Variable Colorless in its mana cost, that X is considered to be 0.
10/4/2019 If X is 6 or more, the artifacts and/or enchantments enter the battlefield as 4/4 creatures. They don’t enter as noncreature permanents and then become creatures.
10/4/2019 An artifact creature or enchantment creature returned this way will be a 4/4 creature.
10/4/2019 An Equipment that’s also a creature can’t be attached to anything. You can activate its equip ability, but it won’t become attached.
10/4/2019 If another effect causes one of the returned permanents to become a creature and sets its power and toughness as it does so, that creature will have that power and toughness; it won’t be 4/4. Notably, crewing a Vehicle does not set its power and toughness, so a Vehicle will remain a 4/4 creature if you crew it.