Basri Ket
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Basri Ket
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Planeswalker legendario — Basri
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+1: Pon un contador +1/+1 sobre hasta una criatura objetivo. Gana la habilidad de indestructible hasta el final del turno.
−2: Siempre que una o más criaturas que no sean fichas ataquen este turno, crea esa misma cantidad de fichas de criatura Soldado blancas 1/1 giradas y atacando.
−6: Obtienes un emblema con "Al comienzo del combate en tu turno, crea una ficha de criatura Soldado blanca 1/1, luego pon un contador +1/+1 sobre cada criatura que controlas".
Mythic Rare
Card Number:
6/23/2020 The delayed triggered ability of Basri's second ability triggers if any nontoken creatures attack, and it counts how many nontoken creatures attacked. Attacking nontoken creatures that leave combat before the triggered ability resolves are counted. Token creatures that are attacking don't stop the ability from triggering and aren't counted.
6/23/2020 You choose which player or planeswalker each Soldier token is attacking. They don't have to be attacking the same players or planeswalkers that the nontoken creatures are attacking, and they don't have to be attacking the same player or planeswalker as each other.
6/23/2020 Although the Soldiers are attacking creatures, they were never declared as attacking creatures. This means that abilities that trigger whenever a creature attacks won't trigger when the Soldiers enter the battlefield attacking.
6/23/2020 Any effects that say that the Soldiers can't attack (such as that of Propaganda) affect only the declaration of attackers. They won't stop the Soldier tokens from entering the battlefield attacking.
6/23/2020 The Soldier token created by Basri's last ability can't attack during the turn you create it unless it gains haste somehow.
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