Piccozza dell'Enclave Celeste
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Piccozza dell'Enclave Celeste
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Artefatto — Equipaggiamento
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Quando la Piccozza dell'Enclave Celeste entra nel campo di battaglia, assegnala a una creatura bersaglio che controlli.
<i>Terraferma</i> — Ogniqualvolta una terra entra nel campo di battaglia sotto il tuo controllo, la creatura equipaggiata prende +2/+2 fino alla fine del turno.
Equipaggiare 2Green
Card Number:
9/25/2020 The bonus from Skyclave Pick-Axe’s landfall ability applies to the creature it’s attached to at the time the ability resolves. That bonus doesn’t apply to a new creature if Skyclave Pick-Axe becomes attached to a new creature.
9/25/2020 If there’s no equipped creature as Skyclave Pick-Axe’s landfall ability resolves, no creature gets +2/+2.
9/25/2020 Attaching an Equipment with its enters-the-battlefield triggered ability isn’t the same as using its equip ability. You don’t pay mana for the attachment, and if the Equipment enters at a time you couldn’t cast a sorcery, you can still attach it to a creature you control.
9/25/2020 If the target creature becomes an illegal target, the Equipment remains on the battlefield unattached.
9/25/2020 A landfall ability triggers whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control for any reason. It triggers whenever you play a land, as well as whenever a spell or ability puts a land onto the battlefield under your control.
9/25/2020 A landfall ability doesn’t trigger if a permanent already on the battlefield becomes a land.
9/25/2020 Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, each landfall ability of the permanents you control will trigger. You can put them on the stack in any order. The last ability you put on the stack will be the first one to resolve.

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