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Der Pigmentsturm fügt einer Kreatur deiner Wahl 5 Schadenspunkte zu. Überschüssiger Schaden wird stattdessen dem Beherrscher der Kreatur zugefügt.
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Wenn Kunstprojekte auseinanderbrechen, feiern Prismari-Studenten die Schönheit der Zerstörung. Alle anderen gehen in Deckung.
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4/16/2021 Excess damage caused by a spell or ability is similar to how combat damage from a creature with trample is handled. Start with the amount of damage being dealt to the creature and determine what is “lethal.” This is the creature’s toughness minus the amount of damage that it already has marked on it, but ignoring any replacement or prevention effects that will modify this damage. Also ignore whether the creature has an ability such as indestructible that will result in it not being destroyed by this damage.
4/16/2021 Once you’ve determined how much damage is excess, Pigment Storm simultaneously deals damage to the creature and to its controller. This damage may be modified by replacement or prevention effects.
4/16/2021 If the target creature is an illegal target by the time Pigment Storm tries to resolve, the spell won’t resolve. It won’t deal damage to any player.
4/16/2021 Pigment Storm’s replacement effect is a self-replacement effect. It is applied before any other replacement effects that would change the amount of damage dealt to the target creature and its controller.

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