Guardián de bronce
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Guardián de bronce
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Criatura artefacto — Gólem
Card Text:
Daña dos veces.
Rebatir 2. <i>(Siempre que esta criatura sea objetivo de un hechizo o habilidad que controla un oponente, contrarréstalo a menos que ese jugador pague 2.)</i>
Los otros artefactos que controlas tienen la habilidad de rebatir 2.
La fuerza del Guardián de bronce es igual a la cantidad de artefactos que controlas.
* / 5
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4/16/2021 Once a ward ability has triggered, it doesn’t matter if the artifact loses ward (most likely because Bronze Guardian leaves the battlefield in response) before the ability resolves. The controller of the spell or ability will still have to pay 2 or the spell or ability will be countered.
4/16/2021 The ability that defines Bronze Guardian’s power applies in all zones, not only while it is on the battlefield.
4/16/2021 If a player casts a spell that targets multiple permanents their opponent controls with ward, each of those ward abilities will trigger. If that player doesn’t pay for all of them, the spell will be countered.