Subir le passé
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Card Name:
Subir le passé
Mana Cost:
Variable ColorlessBlack
Converted Mana Cost:
Card Text:
Exilez X cartes ciblées depuis le cimetière d'un joueur ciblé. Pour chaque carte exilée de cette manière, ce joueur perd 1 point de vie et vous gagnez 1 point de vie.
Flavor Text:
Le feu glacial des tentacules d'Ulamog fouaillait son âme et poignardait ses souvenirs un par un.
All Sets:
Rise of the Eldrazi (Uncommon)
Commander 2021 (Uncommon)
Card Number:
6/15/2010 The life that’s lost and the life that’s gained are based on the number of cards that are actually exiled, not on the value of X (in case any of the targeted cards somehow leave the graveyard in response and thus can’t be exiled this way).
6/15/2010 If the targeted player becomes an illegal target by the time Suffer the Past resolves but the targeted cards don’t, you still exile the cards and gain life. The player won’t be lose any life, though.
6/15/2010 Suffer the Past’s effect causes a single life-gain event, not a number of separate ones. This matters for cards such as Cradle of Vitality.

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