Saga di Urza
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Saga di Urza
Terra Incantesimo — Saga di Urza
Card Text:
<i>(Mentre questa Saga entra e dopo la tua sottofase di acquisizione, aggiungi un segnalino sapere. Sacrifica dopo III.)</i>
I — La Saga di Urza ha "Tap: Aggiungi Colorless".
II — La Saga di Urza ha "2, Tap: Crea una pedina creatura artefatto Costrutto 0/0 incolore con ‘Questa creatura prende +1/+1 per ogni artefatto che controlli'".
III — Passa in rassegna il tuo grimorio per una carta artefatto con costo di mana 0 o 1, mettila sul campo di battaglia, poi rimescola.
Card Number:
6/18/2021 Urza's Saga is a land, so it can only be played as a land. It cannot be cast as a spell.
6/18/2021 Urza's Saga gains an ability from its first and second chapters. It keeps those abilities for as long as it's on the battlefield.
6/18/2021 While resolving the chapter III ability, you can find only a card with actual mana cost 0 or 1, not mana value 0 or 1. For example, you couldn't find a card with mana cost Blue or one with mana cost Variable Colorless.
6/18/2021 Even though Urza's Saga is a land, it is also still a Saga, and it will be sacrificed after its last chapter ability resolves.
6/18/2021 If Urza's Saga loses all of its chapter abilities but is still a Saga, perhaps due to a card like Blood Moon, it will immediately be sacrificed.
6/18/2021 Although Urza's Saga has the Urza's land type, it doesn't interact with Urza's Tower, Urza's Mine, or Urza's Power Plant.
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