Chandra, todschick
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Chandra, todschick
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Legendärer Planeswalker — Chandra
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+1: Erzeuge Red. Chandra, todschick, fügt bis zu einem Spieler oder Planeswalker deiner Wahl 1 Schadenspunkt zu.
+1: Schicke die oberste Karte deiner Bibliothek ins Exil. Falls sie rot ist, kannst du sie in diesem Zug wirken.
−7: Schicke die obersten fünf Karten deiner Bibliothek ins Exil. Bis zum Ende des Zuges kannst du davon rote Zaubersprüche wirken. Du erhältst ein Emblem mit „Immer wenn du einen roten Zauberspruch wirkst, fügt dieses Emblem einem Ziel deiner Wahl X Schadenspunkte zu, wobei X gleich der Menge Mana ist, die ausgegeben wurde, um den Zauberspruch zu wirken."
Mythic Rare
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11/19/2021 Chandra's first ability uses the stack and can be responded to, even if no targets were chosen. It doesn't count as a mana ability.
11/19/2021 Chandra's second ability checks the characteristics of the card you exiled to see if it's red. If the spell that card becomes somehow isn't red, you may still cast it. For example, Rowan, Scholar of Sparks, the front face of a modal double-faced card, is red. Will, Scholar of Frost, the back face of the same card, is blue. In exile, that card is red, so you may cast either face if you exile it with this ability.
11/19/2021 Chandra's last ability, by contrast, only allows you to cast spells that are red when you cast them, no matter what the card in exile is. If Rowan, Scholar of Sparks is exiled by this ability, you won't be able to cast Will, Scholar of Frost this way because it would be a blue spell.
11/19/2021 You must pay all costs for spells cast via Chandra's last two abilities. For the middle ability, you must also follow all timing restrictions.
11/19/2021 The emblem's triggered ability looks for the actual amount of mana spent to cast the spell. If an effect caused you to pay more or less mana for that spell as you cast it, that will be taken into account when determining the value of X. If an effect would counter that spell unless you pay some amount of mana, that mana doesn't count as mana spent to cast it.
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