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Add or subtract 1 from target creature's power, target player's life total, or target die roll's result.
Draw a card.
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"What? No, that's ridiculous! Of course the rat doesn't work for the park. I've never seen it before in my life!"
—Monoxa, midway manager
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10/7/2022 Adding or subtracting 1 to a creature's power will give it +1/+0 or -1/0, respectively. Note that this effect doesn't have a duration and will last until the creature leaves the battlefield.
10/7/2022 Adding or subtracting 1 from a player's life total will cause that player to gain or lose 1 life, respectively.
10/7/2022 Targeting a die roll requires some Un- magic. Just after a die roll, during the time when die roll modifications are allowed, announce you're casting Scooch. It goes on the stack and can be responded to. If the card you draw is another Scooch, or if we don't learn from this and it's some other card that's castable mid-die roll, you get . . . priority? Sure, priority! You can cast that card. This all happens while the spell, ability, Attraction visit, or replacement effect (?!) that prompted the original die roll is resolving. Un- magic!
10/7/2022 You can change a result to something normally not possible on the die in question, such as a 0 or a 7 on a six-sided die.
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